The Theme:

The Study Tour is aimed at learning by scanning Australia’s multifaceted macro-environment that is critical in education choice and future career direction for success. The study tour will deliver knowledge about the Australian education system, opprrtunities and social, cultural, political and technological environment of Australia for the right decison making. 

It is experiential learning by travelling, discovering, reflecting and understanding the real world.

The program is designed to understand, in an enjoyable format, the risk- reward opportunity in education and career and to use the knowledge for making better decisions for future.

It is aimed at helping the students to become a global citizen early in life.

Therefore the study tour will help the students in their career choice, future education decision and focus on future employability and success.

Learning Outcomes:

We invoke interest in students for self-discovered career choices by creating happy memories and experiential reflection on education and career opportunities.

We provide advanced knowledge of the future job scenarios and help young students to match their interests with future opportunities.

We help develop the student’s skills and knowledge early to avoid failures with wrong choices.

We provide experiential understanding of the success drivers of global business in terms of political, economic, technological, social, legal, environmental and cultural contexts.

Students learn what it takes to be a global citizen and job ready.